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The Bible at Bedtime

The Bible at Bedtime

Inter-generational Storytelling

Coming soon

As a benefice we thought it would be lovely to introduce an inter-generational activity to our Co-vid response – something that spans all ages, all churches and communicates God’s word. So, we plan to launch the “Bible at Bedtime” project on 1st August The older generations of our church family including members of St James at Southstoke and St Michael's Monkton Combe have read aloud chapters of The Jesus Storybook Bible.

The younger generations of our church family can to listen to these at bedtime (or anytime) and in so doing give our middle generation of parents a break.

The Jesus Story book Bible, written by Sally Lloyd Jones covers both the Old and New Testaments and weaves Jesus and God’s purpose for sending him into all chapters.

We are doing this with the permission of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. The copyright permits us to share the book in this way, as long as no chapter is on our website longer than a month – so this would be a project just for this season.

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