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  • Sharon Blair

2023 Nativity Trail

On Christmas Eve 2023, locals from the area journeyed through the rain and the gloom with their guides and were taken through the temple, into the church gardens and eventually led to the stable in Bethlehem. On their journey they were met by the priest who showed them the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah. In Zechariah’s home they enjoyed meeting the toddler John the Baptist, and then were warmed by the fire with the shepherds before being dazzled by the amazing angels.

After being slightly scared by Herod and his fearsome guard they bumped into the interesting wise men as they made their way to Bethlehem. Here they eventually found an innkeeper and his wife who knew where a baby had been born, and directed them to their stable. This was a very moving end to this year’s Holy Trinity Nativity Trail, where the wonder of Christmas came fully alive as they sang a carol in the stable along with a very lovely baby Jesus and his parents.

Book early for next year’s trail where the story of the birth of the world’s Saviour really comes to life for children and adults alike.


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