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Creation Care 

Creation Care 


The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,
   The world, and all who live in it.    Psalm 24:1

‘Often people have a wrong way of thinking when they consider the earth.  It is treated like something that belongs to us and should therefore be exploited for our benefit.  The earth is not ours.  It belongs to God and we are faithful stewards given the responsibility of caring for what He has made.  Understanding the world in this way makes how we treat the world a part of our discipleship and worship as we honour our God, the Creator.’

Shawn Swinney

At Holy Trinity, St Andrews and across the benefice, we seek prayerfully and actively to care well for God’s world. Together we can make a difference. 

On these web pages you will find information about what we are doing and links to further resources. The photos are taken largely by church members and depict our local area. They show the landscape, plants and creatures we need to cherish.  

You can also read The Surprising History of the Church Gardens, did you know there was never a graveyard at Holy Trinity? Plus a guide to recycling in our own area 


What would you like to do or see happen? Please check the activities on this website or contact: 


Holy Trinity: Carolyn Scriven:  


St Andrews: Mark Bagott: 

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