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Welcome to Seniors at HTCD!

We believe that Jesus came to give life in all its fullness to everyone, regardless of their age or ability. The aim of Seniors Ministry is for all people in later life to grow in their relationship with God, with each other and with the wider church family. We want to recognise each older person as an individual with strengths and gifts and help them to understand that God has a purpose and plan for their lives. We want them to be a valued member of our church family, participating and contributing.


Seniors Pastoral Team

We have a Seniors Pastoral Team who keep in touch with the Seniors that we know by phoning and visiting them regularly. The team also keep in touch with each other at a monthly team meeting where we pray for the Seniors and plan social events (for the Seniors, not just us!)


Dementia Friendly Services

We lead a Dementia Friendly Songs of Praise Service at the Peggy Dodd Centre in Combe Down once a fortnight. We also host and lead a Carol Service each year for our friends at the Peggy Dodd centre and the wider community. We aim to help those living with dementia to meet with God and to know that nothing, not even dementia, can separate them from the love of God. 


Traditional Thursday Service, 11 am at HTCD

We have a Traditional Service at 11 am every Thursday at HTCD. Although this is not exclusive for Seniors, the service is enjoyed and appreciated by the many people who come each week, not just to sit in a pew, but to participate and contribute their gifts and skills to the service. It is also a great opportunity to catch up with other people over coffee and a biscuit after the service. (We might even invest in a toasted sandwich maker so we can all have a quick lunch… but that would involve a risk assessment so I'm building up to that!)

Social Events

We are just getting back into our Social Events. This is a great chance for people to meet with others for company and fun. We've all missed this and, although we are mindful that we still need to follow Covid-19 social distancing guidelines, we have been able to enjoy lunch together.


Bereavement Support

We want to help people to grieve well and we offer Bereavement Support to those living with loss, to help them know the love, comfort, help, peace, strength, and hope that God gives during this difficult and confusing time. We have also recently held a 'Thanksgiving and Remembering Service' to remember loved ones who have died.


If you are would like more information or the above, would like to get involved or want to find out more about our Seniors Ministry, please get in touch with our Seniors Minister, Polly Andrews: