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 18-30's Group

Welcome to 18-30's!

Here at HTCD, we love to welcome new people and to see communities transformed by Jesus! In our young adult ministry we have a passion for the raising up of young leaders.

Join us as each Sunday (12.30-3pm) as we get together for bible study, prayer & socials.

See below for the term card for this Autumn which gives the topic of discussion for each week, and at the bottom of the page you'll find a video resource corresponding to each topic.


Video Resources


Week 1 - What is a creed?

Week 2 - God the Father

Week 3 - Jesus Christ our Lord

Week 4 - Conceived by the Spirit, born of the virgin

Week 5 - Crucified, died and was buried (Coming Soon)

Week 6 - Descended to the dead (Coming Soon)

Week 7 - On the third day he rose again 

Week 8 - He ascended into heaven

Week 9 - He will come again (Coming Soon)

Week 10 - I believe in the Holy Spirit (Coming Soon)

Week 11 - The holy catholic church, the communion of saints



If you want to find out more about our Student ministry or be added to the WhatsApp group, please get in touch with our Student Ministers, Rev. Katy Partridge and Rev. Tim Lewis:

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