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Thankful Thursdays (0-3yrs) - Bake a treat!

Today we explore patience and self-control by baking some cakes! Here are the fruit to download colour and add to your bunting: Patience & Self-control

. Do send me photos of your creations or video clips of you doing the final blessings. Miss you all - Love Claire xx Here for the grown-ups is this weeks Thankful thought:

Thankful Thought : 2nd July 2020 – Self-control and Patience

“With patience you can convince a ruler.

And a gentle word can get through to the hard-headed.”

“God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid.

He gave us a spirit of power and love and self-control.”

Here we are at the fruit of the spirit that parenting eats up the fastest – in my experience! I like the proverbs quote above – if you change the word ruler to toddler – it is so true but hard to do. So how do we cultivate this fruit of the spirit in our lives as parents?

I think the key to this is in the second quote from Timothy – “He gave us a spirit of…..” The fruit of the spirit are gifts from God, through our saviour Jesus Christ and we can ask for the gifts we need in prayer and I also believe we can chose to accept the gifts the Holy Spirit longs to give us.

So when you feel you are near the end of your tether or you know your child is. Or when yet again you give in to something, you know you shouldn’t have – if only you had more self-control. Don’t beat yourself up (or the child – joke!) Call on the Lord – while counting to 10 if need be and be ready to accept his gift to you of more patience or self-control. You can also pray for it as a blessing on your children.

“Jesus loves you more than you’ve ever been loved before!” He longs to lavish you in the gifts of his holy spirit – so do not be afraid- his spirit has power to transform you. The peach of patience and the strawberry of self-control are ready for you to harvest and enjoy.

Love & Prayers Claire xx

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