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Thankful Thursday - The 2 sons 14th May (Aged 0-4)

Couldn't resist this cute washing line of socks to promote this weeks episode. This week our prayers involve pegging out some laundry! So instruments, pegs and washing at the ready. Enjoy! Sorry there is not yet a colouring to download but hopefully there will be one in time for Jonah's Crew on Sunday so there will be something for little ones to do during the sermon. Love and Prayers Claire xx

And here as always is this weeks:

Thankful Thought 14th May 2020 – The two sons – Matthew 21 v 28-32

This story comes in Matthews gospel as part of discourse between Jesus and the Pharisees. Jesus is trying to make it clear that he is the Son of God and has authority and that those who believe in him and act on that belief will inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus is challenging those that say they believe but do not do the work of God and perhaps encouraging those who show some doubts but then come and get involved with the work of the father - they will be part of the kingdom.

As I set about telling the story with my boys I was struck by a number of truths – that parenthood has exposed to me and I think they are relevant as this story is about the relationship of children to their father. Firstly as you know I have 3 sons – they are all very different in character and I constantly find that amazing – how can 3 things made in the same way and with the same gene pool be so uniquely different – our creator God is amazing.

There was no point asking my eldest son to help at the moment, anything I suggest is wrong, even though he is the best actor in the family. Timing and relationship are key and right now it is the wrong time and our relationship is being challenged by the need for him to be his own man.

I was also struck by the focus on the fun of working together on a task – however mundane the task. We are created to work in relationship to others and to God – it is amazing how much more you can achieve working collaboratively and in God’s power than on your own.

Finally, the moral of the tale seems to be do what you say you are going to do – if you want to please God. This is at the heart of all the good parenting advice I have ever read – Say what you mean and don’t say anything you cannot follow through with! Parenting is so hard especially in this season were we are having to be parent, teacher and playmate to our children but if you say something make sure you also do it and never threaten things that can’t be followed through. Parenting becomes possible as a relationship of trust and honesty is established.

So is it the right time and do you have the right relationship with God and with Jesus – to be able to say yes to his invitation to work with him?

Praying for you all in this season that you may be inspired to work closely with your Father in heaven and in his power, you will achieve things you never thought possible. Love and Prayers Claire xx


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