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Thankful Thursday (0-4ys) Good friends

Hello, this week we look at David and Jonathan who were very good friends. You will need your instrument and some socks as arrows for our prayers. Enjoy - don't miss the Thankful thought for grown-ups below the video and do email me with any prayer requests or ways we can help you at this time. Blessings Claire

Thankful Thought 28th January: Good friends David & Jonathan 1 Samuel 20

In today’s chapter we see the strength of the friendship that has grown between David and King Saul’s son Jonathan. In verse 17 Jonathan describes it as “I loved him as I loved my own soul” and we see how they looked out for each other and risked things for each other. We also see how they had known secret meeting places and how they hatched a plan with the arrows to pass on a message secretly to each other. At the very end of the chapter just before they parted, we read that they “wept together” v 41.

I am so grateful for the friendships God has given me. I am blessed with some very precious people – some who have been friends for many years, other more recent. Some who live close and others far away. During this very difficult season when we have not been able to meet in our “secret” or not so secret special places or indeed at all – I have been very thankful for our very many ways of communicating, so glad I am not dependant on my skills with the bow and arrow!

This week I was on the receiving end of a phone call from a very precious friend who was in tears. All I could do at first was weep with her. As a friend I shared the pain of her situation. I then found the courage to pray for her and we finished the conversation drying our eyes and able to look forward knowing as David and Jonathan did that we could “Go in peace” as “The Lord is between us” verse 42.

All friendships are really important to keep active at this time, but I find those with fellow Christians particularly encouraging. So, my thankful thought to you all this week is let God remind you of a friend, contact that friend and offer to pray for each other so that the Lord can be between you and you can go in peace.

Blessings Claire xx


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