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Jonah's Crew (0-4yrs) Sing to the King!

Here is our second in our new series on David and we focus on his musical skills and learn about how he was called to sing to King Saul. You can read all about it it 1 Samuel 16 v 14 to the end and you can read all of David's songs in the book of Psalms. Also check out the Thankful Thought for grown-ups below the video link. James has also recorded a new song for us - "Everybody Everywhere" by Jana Alayra - it has energetic actions so should keep us all warm this winter. Blessings Claire xx

Thankful Thought 14th January – Sing to the King – 1 Sam 16 v 14-end & Psalm 23

To be honest I am finding this lockdown 3 the hardest. It is like a bad remake of lockdown 1 & 2 – now with the fear of a new variant, vaccine close but not close enough and the weather is really grim so you can’t even get the joy of the garden to keep you going.

In the bible reading for today’s story we read that King Saul was “troubled by an evil spirit” 1 Sam 16 v15 – and we are all troubled by an evil virus. The answer suggested by his officials was to find someone who could play the harp and bring him peace. I suggest that the answer we must try is to turn to worship to bring us some connection with our loving God, sing to our King. God will bring you joy as you do and light will shine into the darkness.

That my thankful thought – when you are feeling gloomy change the tune and play and sing some worship music. There are loads of episodes of Thankful Thursday now on Youtube – everyday left up to 15th Feb could be a Thankful Thursday!– but you probably need something a little more grown-up. Replay some of our Sunday services – the worship group are amazing.

St Aldates have released a great new song called “Hold On” – the video however on YouTube made me cry – ( be warned. Try a Christian radio station – Premier, UBC1 or 2, a podcast a youtube mix, spotify – there are so many ways to bring praise music into your home this lockdown. You could even exercise to some worship music- try it. Give God chance to come close to you and lift your spirits by coming close to him in worship – it works!

Perhaps share on our Thankful Thursday wattapp group any songs that work for you – text me if you want to be added to that group - 07702484051

I pray that God gives you all oil in your lamps this week, together with joy, rest and love to keep you going til this lockdown is over.

Blessings Claire xx


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