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Thankful Thursday (0-4yrs) Holy Ground

This week we take off our shoes and socks and stand with Moses on holy ground. Get your instruments at the ready - there is even a new song from James. Thank you for the hello clips - keep them coming and any new footage of the final blessing also very welcome. Don't miss the Thankful Thought below for grown-ups. Blessings Claire xx

Thankful Thought Thursday 19th Nov 2020 : Moses and the Burning bush – Exodus 3 & 4

So Moses ran away from the Egyptians and hid in a well. We didn’t cover that episode with the children but read of it in Exodus chapter 2 v 15-25. God provided a new family for Moses, a wife, a son and a new occupation – shepherd. Moses was doing just fine in his new life when God intervened in a holy spirit fired way and got his attention with a burning bush and then spoke to him.

God informs him to take of his shoes as he was standing on Holy ground and then commissions him to go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery. Moses protests that he is not fit for the job but God assures Moses he will go with him. Moses questions God again asking who he should say has sent him and God gives himself the name “I AM”. God tells Moses it will be tricky but that God will win with wonders. Moses is still unsure and there follows in chapter 4 - some miraculous signs – Moses staff becomes a snake and back, his hand becomes leprous and healed and there is talk of water becoming blood at his command. Still Moses protests that he isn’t good at speaking and so God tells him to take Aaron with him. So finally, with a friend for moral support and a rod with which God promises he will be able to do miraculous signs – Moses goes to Pharaoh.

This is an amazing discourse with God. Moses is so reluctant, and God does such impressive things to convince him. It got me thinking about what it takes to convince people of God’s purpose and power. The bible is full of stories of God’s power in action and his love and purpose for us all displayed in Jesus and yet how often do we behave like Moses – questioning and excusing ourselves from the task asked of us. God has asked us all to tell people the good news. How often do you decide the signs of God are not clear enough to believe or you don’t have the right skills or words?

So, my challenge to you this week. Light a candle, take off your shoes and stand in your home on holy ground and ask God for the words, the courage and the signs you need to step out and tell someone the good news of Jesus in your life. Then go and do it – perhaps a facebook post about the power of prayer or the joy of worship. Perhaps a text asking if you can pray for someone. Perhaps a christmas gift of a book about faith to an unbelieving friend. Ask God for his help but don’t then make excuses – go and let his people know. God loves them, Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit is a ready and willing power to break through all kinds of situations and bring change.

Blessings Claire xxx


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