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  • Claire Morrish

Jonah's Crew: calling all parents

Jonah's crew can use the Thankful Thursday videos at home to enjoy worship and a bible story together. Unfortunately we inadvertently upset copyright with our first video so the song "As for me and my house" by Jim Bailey has been muted on the video - perhaps you can find it and play it at the appropiate point or just enjoy my dancing and singing in silence!

We are also gathering photo's and prayer requests for all members of Jonah's crew to share as a team at this time. These will not go on You Tube! but I would like permission to circulate them to our team of helpers and other families who attend Jonah's Crew. It's not too late to send a photo and a prayer request - please also give permission for me to circulate to our team and our families. Email them to me at

Miss you all already xx Next video will be released in time for Thankful Thursday.....I will be finding a new way to do my backing music - so as not to upset anyone - any musicians happy to provide a CD of our favourite tracks out there - please get in touch.....


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