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Peter & Ruth's Crew - Angry Psalms

This week we are looking at Psalms that express anger to God. As a starter at home - if you have a bouncy or ping-pong ball try bouncing it on different surfaces. Notice how some surfaces make it bounce higher and others cushion the bounce and take the energy out of the bounce. The same is true of your anger - some people who you express anger towards cause the anger to gain energy and keep bouncing higher and some cushion and absorb the angry energy and bring peace. Read Psalm 44 - there is a copy here to download. What is the person angry about? They argue with God and are rather rude to him - shouting at him to wake up! This Psalm shows us it is OK to be angry with God - he can absorb our anger and he hears our shouts and responds. You might like to write your own angry Psalm following the pattern of Psalm 44 - 1. Recall what you know God can do. 2. Shout at him the things you are angry about 3. Call on his unfailing love to rescue you and wait expectantly for him to respond. Or you might want to write or draw things that make you angry as a prayer to God and then throw your scrunched up angry drawing away as an act of prayer - flinging it at God who can take all your feelings and bring peace. Hope to see you soon, Blessings Claire xx

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