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Count with Claire - 10 silver coins

Hello folks, here is the third in our series of stories Jesus told - the 10 silver coins. Although I think a better title would be learn to count with Claire - if they cannot count to 10 after this I will be surprised!

I also introduce a new song I partly wrote myself - hope you like it! To join in this week as well as an instrument and a snack pot you also need to download and print this counting mat. If your printer isn't working don't panic - just draw 10 circles with numbers 1-10 in them on a piece of paper - that will work fine. Thank you for the contributions to this week's video - it was a real blessing to see all your lovely children - who I am really missing. Don't miss this week's thankful thought below the video and do send any prayer requests. If you are new to this group do email me ( and introduce yourself and your little ones. Love Claire

Thankful Thought 30th April 2020 – Luke 15 v 8-10 – The 10 Silver Coins

This story comes sandwiched between 2 other parables of being lost and found – the lost sheep and the lost or prodigal son in Luke 15. In all 3 stories the figure representing God rejoices when the lost are found. In our story it says, “Be happy with me because I have found the coin that I lost. In the same way there is joy before the angels of God when one sinner changes his heart. Luke 15 verses 9 & 10.

The significance of the coins is a little lost in translation through time to our ears. The 10 silver coins were probably part of the dowry of the woman in question and would have been worn on her wedding day and on other special occasions on a head dress or around her neck. So, these coins had more than monetary value – they were also items of great sentimental and symbolic value. Imagine how you would feel if you lost your engagement or wedding ring to get a similar idea what was lost here and to why she called her friends to celebrate with her when they were all found.

This season of lockdown has made me consider what is precious, what is sentimental and significant in my life. I am feeling I have lost quite a few very precious things that previously I took for granted such as face to face chats with friends and family and hugs! I am missing parties and celebrations with others. I wonder what you are sensing as lost or missing in your life right now?

The amazing thing about all these stories is how much God is longing to find the lost and how much he rejoices at their finding. The sheep, the coin and the prodigal son – did nothing to deserve to be searched for – indeed quite the opposite – they all went astray. But know that you are very precious to God and he searches for you always and rejoices greatly when you change your heart and turn it towards him. So, this week – what does your heart focus on? What does it miss? If you are in need of intimacy with someone who knows you and loves you very deeply then turn your heart to God – he has met you in Jesus his son and he is ready to party with you as soon as you turn your heart towards him. He is not lost – it is always us that have gone astray.

Love and prayers Claire xx


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