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Thankful Thursdays Fruity Finale!

Get your instrument and a fruity snack pot at the ready. We have our last episode this summer and it is an epic re-visit of all the fruit of the spirit. If you want to colour any of the fruit you have missed and make a bunting or display here they all are to download: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Self-control, Goodness, Gentleness, Kindness and Faithfulness. The Thankful Thought is below. We will be back in September in some form or other - do check out the Unlikely Heroes Holiday Club an adventure for you as a family this summer.

Thankful Thought – 16th July 2020 – Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5 v13-26

Well here we are the last Thankful thought of this academic year – hard to believe we have done so many weeks “online”. 16 episodes have been videoed so hopefully although we are having a 6 week break – if you need it there will be back episodes to explore. I am so sad that we haven’t been able to meet physically before the end of the academic year as I am aware that the children have grown-up so much and some will be leaving us for School, Nursery or pre-school in September – indeed you as parents maybe returning to the work place and we haven’t been able to properly say farewell.

Our scripture passage begins “You my brothers and sisters were called to be free!” Indeed we are free in so many ways as believers (Free from death, free to forgive and be forgiven, free to accept the gifts of the gifts of the spirit) but recently it has felt like a most restricted freedom hasn’t it? The passage is all about contrasting living by the Spirit with living by the desires of the flesh. How has that been? Have you given into the desires of the flesh and put on a lockdown stone of weight or conceived a new member of Thankful Thursdays! Or have you discovered new idols – a box set or a workout regime? I hope not – although I know I am approaching half a stone of lockdown bulge!

We are warned, not to use our “freedom to indulge in the flesh but rather to serve one another humbly in love.” (verse 13) We are to be people led by the Spirit (verse 18) or keeping in step with the Spirit (verse 25)

So how do we let the Spirit led and keep in step with it? Make space each day – ideally early in each day to recognise the presence of the Spirit and to listen - perhaps use some worship music or read a passage of scripture. Then begin to dance your way through the day – one step at a time. The beauty of being led step by step is it’s not all about you and your ability - just try and follow. I was very encouraged by seeing the movement of the Spirit as a dance, as it can feel you are going a few steps forward and a few steps back or are dizzy and unsure of which way you are going but it is all part of a beautiful thing – a divine dance. Just try and trust. I pray in doing so you will harvest abundant love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, and self-control – such that even the lockdown weight lifts!

Blessings, love and prayers -Claire xx

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