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Thankful Thursday's Tree Time Treat. 4th June (0-4 years)

Hi Folks and welcome back to Thankful Thursday's and the summer term! Can't believe we have been online this long. This week it all about growing a mighty tree and the parable of the mustard seed found in Mark 4 & Matthew 13 as our series on stories Jesus told continues. You will need a musical instrument and either access to a tree or a stick/leaf to join in with the prayers. Don't forget to read the Thankful thought below the video for the grown-ups. I am hoping this term that you will send me some video clips of little people doing our action blessing and then each week we can be surprised by who we see at the end of the video....who could it be this week.....Love and Prayers Claire xx email me if your are new or want to know how to send a clip -

Thankful Thought 4th June 2020 : The Mustard Seed – Mark 4 v 31-32 & Matthew 13 v 31 & 32

This is one of my favourite parables – it is such a short story just 2 verses but oh what a beautiful illustration of the kingdom of God. It emphasises how just a small amount of faith – a tiny seed has potential to grow into something great with potential to provide shelter for others. It also illustrates the fact that time is needed for the kingdom of God to develop and grow. The journey of faith is not an instant fix it is more an organic growth.

It was this verse on which my vision for my ministry in my post as children’s minister was built – I felt it was important for the righteous oaks of faith to provide shelter and fruit to the children and many great glimpses of the kingdom of God have been seen in our parish as a result of that vision.

As I shared at the recent remembering Steve service, God spoke to me about Steve’s death in a vision of an uprooted and fallen mighty tree but also of the hope of new life that comes when a tree falls and new trees can grow in the space and light it’s fall creates in a forest. Steve was a mighty tree – his mustard seed had fully grown with deep roots and was a blessing of shelter to so many.

How many mighty trees of faith have you met? Have you been able to shelter in the branches of others faith and eat fruit of the spirit? How is your own tree doing? Are you still only just putting down a few little roots in to scripture and poking up a little shoot of hopefulness up into the world or are your deep roots feeding you richly in this strange season of lockdown and are you growing new branches out to provide perches for new birds and fruit for the next season?

On your next exercise outing stop awhile in the shelter of a large tree and spend some time letting God whisper to you the truths of this lovely picture of his kingdom in your life. Make a date to meet the one who died on a man-made tree under one of his Father’s trees. Like the beautiful tree described in Revelation 22 (verse 2) that we saw created during our Pentecost service – let the holy spirit’s healing leaves touch your inner life and bring healing.

Love and prayers Claire xxxx


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