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Thankful Thursday (0-4yrs) - King at Last!

In this episode David finally becomes King and Samuel's prophecy is fulfilled. To join in all you need is an instrument and to be ready to copy the actions. Enjoy - and don't forget the Thankful Thought below for grown-ups. Keep going - I know this lockdown is long and horrid but you are doing a good job. Love Claire xx

Thankful thought 4th February. David as King, 2 Samuel – esp chap 1 v19-end and chap 22.

This week we look at how Samuel’s prophecy in our first episode on David , that he would one day become king, comes true. With the children I have condensed many chapters of 1 and 2 Samuel into a few minutes – missing out many of the details of battles and of the way the desires of the flesh led David astray! I focused on how well David knew God and how he describes him. With you I wanted to focus on 2 songs David wrote that mark key events and show his heart and his relationship with God. In 2 Samuel chapter 1 we read his song of lament at the death of King Saul and Jonathan and in chapter 22 we read a song of praise to God for many things.

Both are worth a read in this difficult season we are in. I would recommend having ago yourself and writing your own song of lament for Co-vid and a song of praise. You will find it helps you express who you have discovered God to be in this time. It is a good way to give yourself space to reflect, to be honest with God and to let him absorb your feelings and shape your perspectives.

To get you thinking here are my attempts:

Claire’s Song of Covid Lament

Many have fallen in this battle, many whom we have loved taken too soon.

Many battle daily with illness in body, mind and spirit – the pain around us is raw.

We miss the gatherings, the hugs and the singing together.

We cry out to you Lord for mercy.

Claire’s Song of Praise to God at this time

God you are my anchor in this storm.

My refuge from the statistics and the ever-weary news.

Jesus you are my guide on how to love, you carry me when I feel I cannot go on.

Holy Spirit you are my inspiration, giver of creativity, bringer of smiles behind the masks.

I know Lord you are with me always and so I will not be afraid.

God may your will be done, may your kingdom come, may we see your glory shine in this midst of this mess.

Have ago – it can stay between you and God but if you want to share – I would love to read them too.

Blessings Claire xxx


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