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Thankful Thursday (0-4yrs) Beginnings

Today we look with the whole church at Origins and Meanings as we find them in the Bible. We focus on Genesis chapter 1. To join in you will need an instrument and a mirror. It was lovely to chat with a few of you on zoom the week before half-term - I will try and offer that occasionally to help us be there for each other. We had lots of answers to prayers we shared that evening. Blessings Claire xx Do email me any prayer requests for your telephone number so I can add you to the wattsapp chat group.

Thankful Thought Thursday 25th February 2021 : Origins and Meaning Genesis 1-2, Ephesians 10 v 2

This week as a whole church we are looking at what the Bible has to tell us about our origins and meaning. As a former science teacher I am fully aware of what science has to offer us on the subject of our origins – even evolution at the molecular level was one thing I studied at University. I find that whole subject fascinating. I do not find it conflicts with my spiritual understanding of God’s created order at all. Science and theology are answering different but parallel questions about our origins.

Science looks at the “How”and has uncovered some intricate evidence and amazing insights into the mechanisms of God’s created universe. I marvel at how much we know and equally at the mystery that still surrounds life’s molecular mechanisms. How amazing that we understand so much about our immune systems that we have been able to make a Co-vid 19 vaccine so speedily and that works so well! What an answer to our prayers a real “God speed” scenario.

The Bible’s beautiful opening narrative helps to answer the deeper questions of “Why” it describes the relationship between God and his creation. In it we repeatedly hear that God looks at his creation and sees that it is good and that people are very good. In it we learn that we alone of all God’s creatures are created in the image of God – how amazing that something of us reflects something of God’s powerful, imaginative and intricate creative genius. We are given purpose – to care for creation and steward it all, to live in fellowship with others (It is not good for man to be alone – Gen 2 v 18) and with God – God talks with Adam and Eve throughout the Genesis account.

In Ephesians we read that we are God’s masterpiece and that through Jesus Christ we are created anew to do the good things he has planned for us to do long ago. (2 verse 10) How amazing to have a fresh start in Jesus and to have fresh purpose with good things planned.

It has been so hard this year to plan anything and so hard to be separated from each other as that is not part of the divine plan - we should not be alone. God always has a rescue & renewal plan – he created and then rested – he knows we are the same we need a rhythm of activity and rest. So talk to your creator about it all and know you are talking to one who not only understands but created you for company so is longing to hear from you and has the power to bring about amazing change and create everything from nothing. He has a plan for you that includes the importance of rest– see if you can catch part of his plan for you from him- this week.

Blessings Claire xx

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