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  • Claire Morrish

Ruth's Crew (4-7yrs) Baby in Basket

Welcome to a new year and sadly a new lockdown. We are beginning a new series with Ruth's Crew looking at the story of Moses which you can read in the book of Exodus. There will also be kids club by post to support us - sadly this week I didn't manage to get it out physically in the post but it is here to download. This weeks video is below and below that is a link to a worship song video mentioned in the kids club by post - it is a lovely song about Moses but we can also claim the chorus for ourselves as we are also born into love, faithfulness, prayers and promises as we are all born into God's family.

If you haven't registered - please do - the registration page is in the groups drop down menu on the website. Do also keep sending me video clips or picture of your creations and of you saying hello and goodbye - then I can add them to the videos and we can see each other. Miss you all, blessings Claire xx

Here is a link to the worship song mentioned in the magazine and about Moses but one we should also claim for ourselves - we too are Born into love, faithfulness, prayers and promises.


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