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16 APRIL 2020

‘People with understanding want more knowledge.’

Proverbs 15:14

Do you like learning? Or do you try and avoid studying? It’s important for us to keep learning about God. We’ll never learn everything there is to know about Him; there will always be more we can discover. The Bible says: ‘People with understanding want more knowledge, but fools just want more foolishness.’ If we want to be people with understanding, we need to long to learn more about God. We need to spend time studying the Bible. It contains so much wisdom about life and God, and no matter how many times we read it, God can always teach us something new. We’re told: ‘All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing people what is wrong in their lives, for correcting faults, and for teaching how to live right’ (2 Timothy 3:16 NCV). We have to be disciplined in making the time to spend studying His Word. We might not always feel like opening our Bibles, but it’s important that we keep going with it. It can also be useful to read commentaries and books about the passage we’re studying, or to listen to a pastor talk about it. Learning is part of our worship. It’s a way of loving God. Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength’ (Mark 12:30 NCV). Part of loving God is through using our mind. If we never take the time to study His Word, or learn more about Him, then we’re neglecting part of our worship. However we feel about studying, let’s make sure we’re always prepared to learn so that we can grow in our faith and love for God.  What Now?  Pick a chapter of the Bible to read each day this week. Ask God to teach you something through it. Read a commentary on it. And ask someone you trust to tell you what they think it’s trying to say.


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