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God has given you what you need

God has placed the parts in the body…just as he wanted them to be.’

1 Corinthians 12:18 NIV

When zebras and wildebeests migrate across the African savannah, they travel together, and help each other to survive. Wildebeests can be picky eaters, and will only eat short grass. Zebras, on the other hand, will graze on the tall grass, clearing space and making it easier for the wildebeests to feed. Zebras have excellent eyesight, whereas a wildebeest’s eyesight is poor, but wildebeests have the better sense of smell, so they work together to sense predators and threats. By compensating for each other’s weaknesses and sharing their strengths, they’re less vulnerable. Even though they are two very different species, together they are stronger. Paul wrote: ‘If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be?’ (v. 17 NIV). We often choose to be around people who are like us. But when we’re part of the body of Christ, we’re thrown together with all kinds of people who have vastly different strengths and characters. It can be difficult for us to work with people who think and act differently from us, and we might even by annoyed and frustrated by them. But God designed each of these different skills and personalities for a unique place and purpose in His Kingdom. Zebras and wildebeests don’t have to like each other, but their survival and success depend on being able to work together. When God asks us to work with others, let’s try to appreciate their gifts and skills, and think about how we can combine our skills for God’s glory. What Now? Have a look online for a photo of zebras and wildebeests migrating together, and save the photo. If you have to work with someone you don’t like, use it to remind you how the two animals work together, and how God wants you to work with others in the body of Christ.


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