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  • Shawn Swinney

Easter Week - What is Happening?

Here is a quick list of things you might want to be part over the week leading up to Easter.

Monday to Friday - 9am - morning prayer - click here

Monday - 8pm - Fish in the Air and Birds in the Sea - click here

Monday to Thursday - 9pm - evening prayer - click here

Friday - 9pm - Tenebrae Service - click here

Sat to Sun - 10am to 10am - 24 hours of prayer - vigil around fire pit at St Andrews - click here

Sunday - 9am - Easter Celebration - click here

Sunday - 9.30am - Traditional Easter Celebration - click here

Sunday - 10.30am - Easter Celebration - click here

For resources that you might want to use with your children, or with a small group of people - click here

For a guide to use in your personal prayers - click here


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