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Creation Care 

Creation Care in our discipleship


What is happening at church?


We would like:


  •    our grounds and churchyards to be wildlife and people friendly

  •    our church buildings to be more energy-efficient

  •    our plastic and food waste kept to a minimum, reusing or recycling where we can

  •    to be transport aware, walking or cycling or sharing lifts to church where we can

  •    to show care for our community and environment, such as in the StAction clean-up days

  •    to consider the environment in our church policies and practices, for present and future generations

  •    to learn how our own lifestyles affect the earth and other people


For further information see our Caring for Creation blogs 


What would you like to do?


Whether you are a card carrying ‘eco warrior’ or are wanting to start out in a small way, there is an abundance of resources to help spark your imagination. There are helpful links at the foot of this page, or chat to one of our Eco team:


Mark Bagott, Nick Coates, Sue Crookes, Mark Hannan, Rebecca Hannan, James Hogg, Susie Houston, Elizabeth Hume, Howard Jones, David Le Tall, Joady Mitchell, Sue Monk, Claire Morrish, Carolyn Scriven, Ann Stuart, Simon Stuart, Nick Stubbs.


Blackbird: David Le Tall

House Martin_edited.jpg

House Martin: Peter Harris

Whitethroat by Peter Harris_edited.jpg

Whitethroat: Peter Harris

Red Kite_edited.jpg

Red Kite: Peter Harris 


Swift: courtsey of BirdBox

Short Eared owl_edited.jpg

Short-eared owl: Peter Harris 

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