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  • Claire Morrish

Ways to Wildly Care for Creation!

With half-term almost upon us I wanted to encourage you all to get out and about and enjoy caring for creation and highlight some links to help you as you explore the wild.

Friends of the Earth are giving away "Planet Protector" packs including free wild flower seeds to help support bees and booklets of ideas of things to do at home.

Check out their website for details and to order your pack.

The wildlife trust also have a great idea to get us all to Go Wild for 30 days this June and have a pack brimming with ideas for you too! Here is a link to their website so you can register for your pack with them.

Also Half-term week is the "Nature Count" week for church grounds nationally and if you would like to spend sometime in Holy Trinity Gardens identifying species there please do and email your findings to Carolyn Scriven ( who will collate them for our part in the survey.

So see what you can do to care for creation this half-term and we do hope you discover a deeper relationship with God your creator as you do.

Blessings Claire Morrish.


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