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UK Mission: The Life Project

Did you know that around 10% of the money donated to HTCD is given away to Christian Mission. Each year we survey church members to help decide what projects to support. Then our reps on the International and UK Missions Teams distribute funds. So what's new since the survey in November 2019? Well the UK team have taken on new missions partners as a result of your feedback which we thought you might be interested in hearing about.

In addition to existing partners, The UKMT are now supporting:

The Life Project, a Christian, Bath based charity running a range of activities for people with learning disabilities and their parent carers. The charity aims to develop an inclusive community through projects, social groups, activities and events for people with learning disabilities and their families. They provide homes for life for people with learning disabilities according to their needs.

They also aim to create a safe environment to promote social development and nurture healthy relationships.

Look out for the next report on all that we do.


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