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  • Claire Morrish

Thankful Thursday Goes Green.

This week we are joining our whole church celebration of Eco-Sunday and looking at what it means to look after God's beautifully created world with a focus on flowers. No equipment needed to join in - we aren't doing what noise shall we make so you don't even need an instrument. Don't miss the Thankful Thought for grown-ups below the video. Do keep sending me clips of your little ones doing the final blessing so I have a selection to use at the end of each weeks videos. Love and Prayers Claire xx

Thankful Thought for Eco-Church week : Romans 8 v 18-27

With our little ones this week I have just focused on the created world as being a gift from God – something that can connect us with our creator and show us something of his character. As a precious gift from someone who loves us, we should care for and guard that gift as part of our respect to God. This is one reason for being Eco-Christians in todays world; because we recognise the creator in His creation, and we want to honour Him.

The passage the church is looking at this week is from Romans 8. I found this a difficult passage to share with children, but it has spoken to me. It talks about other reasons to care about this world and our role in it. It describes how “All of creation waits with eager longing for God to reveal his sons.” Verse 19 going on to describe how these children of God bring hope. “that creation its-self will be set free from its slavery of decay and would share the glorious freedom of the children of God” verse 21. It describes the waiting as being like the pains of child-birth – any passage referring to that is going to be tough!

I find looking at how the sinful ways of mankind have greedily destroyed and vandalised God’s beautiful world rather depressing. There is a feeling of there being so little I can do in the face of something so big. There is the complexity of it all – in trying to be green and buy recycled toilet roll for example – does it matter that it is made and shipped to me from China? I become painfully aware of my sinful role in the whole mess.

Sometimes these feelings can paralyse us, and we can lose the very Hope this passage calls us to. As children of God who believe and trust in Jesus we know His power to transform and bring hope. Not only the hope of eternal life and of his return and a new creation, but also to bring hope now to all who inhabit this earth. We must use the power of the Holy Spirit to spur us on. “The Spirit comes to help us in our weakness – pleading with God for us when we don’t know how to pray” verse 26

So, this week – Reconnect with the character of God your Father by spending time admiring something he has made. Renew your belief and trust in his son Jesus by confessing your sinful role in the mess to Him – knowing He has power to calm storms. Refocus your efforts by inviting the Holy Spirit to empower your prayers and actions as together we guard God’s gift.

Love and Prayers Claire xx


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