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Please pray for the Sharlands in Uganda

Please pray for David and Heather Sharland, our mission partners in Uganda. They write:

Dear friends

We are living in strange days, the speed and scale of change is so beyond anything we have experienced before.

Yesterday the 22nd March we have our first confirmed case of Covid-19 in Uganda. The country has taken strong measures to try and control the spread. All schools, universities, churches and mosques have been closed for 32 days. All land borders are closed to everyone, both national and international, the airports have been closed, so that means we are here for the time being in West Nile. In some ways we feel safe, away from the panic in a population who has been spared relentless disease and outbreak and now unsure how to face the days ahead. We are so thankful that we have learnt how to wipe without toilet paper!

Please pray for Uganda;

  • pray that the coronavirus will have minimal damage

  • pray that there will be peace and the people will not panic. With all visitation to prisons suspended and court cases pending, prisoners tried breaking out of Arua prison on Saturday, 3 people were shot trying to escape We serve the Prince of peace and He is on the throne.

  • pray that we will know how to live at this time, being good and caring neighbours. We don't want to turn inwards at this time but outward with love in action. Our landlady is 80 years old, help us to know how to support her.

  • pray that we remain in good health and upbeat. We live in a place where health care is limited and often without electricity and running water.

Yesterday was a joy for us we were able to enjoy church services in 2 continents! in the morning we listened to our church here broadcast a service over the radio and then we had a virtual church service from UK.

Everything about the locust has gone quiet,- are they resting, laying eggs and breeding or has the Mighty Hand of God chased them away. Thank you for your messages of support, they have really encouraged us and we do not feel such a distance from you. We are praying for you as you all you come to terms what this means for us. God is giving us an opportunity to slow down and reflect. May we see His Kingdom grow and advance at this time Much love David and Heather

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