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Parenting For Faith

‘For parents of children of all ages. Join us for an 8 week course on Thursdays 8pm-9pm for chat, film clips and discussion. Starts 21st January.

Parenting for Faith

It takes a whole church to raise a parent!! As a church we love to support our parents with children of any age and this term we are running a ‘Parenting for Faith’ course. This will help equip parents to raise God-connected children and teens who develop a lasting relationship with God that will transform their lives.

The goal of the course is to help parents discover that they are perfectly positioned to show their children the reality of a life with God and to empower them to have their own vibrant two-way relationship with Him.

God has wired our brains, young and old, to learn by watching and trying things. Developing a relationship with God is no different. When parents give their children glimpses of their relationship with God in the everyday bits of life, it’s like creating a window for them to see a real two-way connection with Him

Do join us on a Thursday evening at 8pm for a short hour to discover five easy tools for ordinary parents to raise God-connected offspring. Do check out the Parenting for Faith website for more information or contact Sharon on for the zoom link.’


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