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Jonah's Crew (0-4yrs)-Baby in a basket

Sadly our hoped for face to face ministry cannot now start so we continue to meet virtually. We are beginning a new series on the book of Exodus - an epic story of how God protects his people in very difficult times. For this episode you need an instrument, a square of paper, a pencil and a small bowl of water! Don't miss the Thankful Thought below and do send me some little video clips of you and your little one waving hello. If you aren't on the wattsapp group do email me or register you child into Jonah's Crew. Blessings Claire (

Thankful Thought Thursday 5th Nov 2020 : Baby in a basket Exodus Chap 1 – 2 v 4

Well here we are on the eve of lockdown 2 – I don’t know how you are feeling? I am a little relieved as it means we can make clear plans and keep safe as we wait it out. I wish we could just hibernate and wake up in the spring! We are going to look at an epic story of survival of God’s people from the old testament – the life of Moses from Exodus. Do read along as we go and see if God speaks to you of any exodus he has in mind for you in your life. I can recommend Danielle Strickland’s book “The Ultimate Exodus: Finding Freedom from what enslaves you” to help you interpret things in your own life as we go.

Here in Exodus chapter 1 and 2 I was struck by just how tough it was for God’s people and for midwives living in a foreign land and under the leadership of an evil Pharaoh. There are obvious parallels for our time as I am sure new mums and midwives feel like they are living in a foreign land right now. Unable to attend so many of the usual things that support you in new parenthood and living in fear of death in the world.

I was also struck by Pharaoh’s decree in verse 22 “Every son who is born you shall cast into the river” So the unnamed mother of Moses was actually obeying Pharaoh when she placed her baby boy in a basket but in the river. How clever to follow the letter of the law while still showing a mother’s protective love for her child.

In this we see another powerful message for our times. We must follow the letter of the law in this second lockdown and keep our families and indeed our nation safe but how can we add a basket of protective love to this lockdown? What clever things can we do that obey the law but also please God and ensure that his Kingdom comes.

Make sure that this lockdown does not lockdown your worship time – sing to the Lord – use worship songs on YouTube or Spotify or Christian radio (UCB1, 2 and Christian premier radio are all on DAB). Protect your prayer time – petition the Lord daily – perhaps try joining with a daily app “Lectio365” or “Pray as you Go” are both great and link you with thousands of others. Why not have a lockdown prayer candle – like an advent candle and burn a little each day as you pray. Meeting one person outside is allowed – so why not prayer walk with another in this season.

As we did in the children’s prayer time – my prayer for us all is that we can place those whom we love in a basket of God’s protection as we place them into the river of life and we can know and trust that our God sees what is in our baskets and will fight to protect them too and together we will see His Kingdom come.

Love and Prayers Claire xx

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