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'Fish in the Air and Birds in the Sea'

‘Fish in the Air and Birds in the Sea’

Monday March 15th, 8.00pm

What can we learn from the Bible about our place on earth? This Lent series of Bible studies is a time to listen to God, to his heart for the world he has created.

‘Restoration’ is our third topic. How does Christ’s death and resurrection impact the earth? Does the biblical view of a new creation relate to the present or the future, and what difference does it make to how we live on the earth?

Our special guest is the renowned species scientist Simon Stuart, who will update us on the present challenges facing the ‘groaning’ creation (Romans 8) and show how conservation has changed things. We ask: where do science and faith meet?

Don’t worry if you haven’t been before, or can’t make all of the four fortnightly studies: you can drop in when you can.

Monday March 15th

8.00 - 9.00pm


Meeting ID 862 8432 0510

Passcode 091533

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