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  • Malc Morgan

First Impressions

As I walked into St Andrew’s church on my first day of work, I couldn’t help but remember the old adage ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’ and I wondered what people would think of me and what would I discover as I went through those doors.

What I discovered was a treasure trove of activity and service in action. St Andrews is a real ‘community’ church and after the last 18 months of covid-restricted activities the church is re-opening the many acts of service and kindness which has hall-marked its activities over the past several years.

The Wednesday focus lunch is regularly getting 20+ locals each week meeting and eating together with meals then being sent out to housebound locals; The toddler group is back up and running on Tuesdays – the sound of laughing children filled the church building all morning! The youth work is going through the gears with Stuart building great relationships with local young people. The ‘Knitters and Natters’ have restarted on Wednesday afternoon, A twins club has re-started meeting on Friday mornings, while exercise classes, choirs, interest groups are all up and running again. Yes, St Andrews is open and alive in an incredible ministry to the local community and of course the weekly meeting on Sunday morning has a sweet aroma of the presence of God permeating throughout.

St Andrews is really open and really alive again.

Now, I wonder what impression I will give them?

Malc Morgan


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