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  • Shawn Swinney

Barbenheimer Evangelism? - Part 1

The first of 2 evenings with Tim Lewis taking us through some key themes in the two hit films of the summer (Barbie and Oppenheimer). He will show us how they connect with what popular culture assumes about the meaning of life and where our faith in Jesus can connect.

These are the film clips that were used, but that can't be shown in this teaching session.

Apostles’ Creed: (2:05-2:40)

Official Trailer (whole clip)

These are the clips that were used in connection with this teaching.

Hi Barbie, Hi Ken (just Allan) (whole clip)

THE Speech (30secs – 3:36)

This is the clip that is referred to in this teaching.

Ending (whole clip)

Barbie and the Gospel handouts
Download DOCX • 23KB


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