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Assigned by God

13 APRIL 2020

‘We wanted to come to you…but Satan blocked our way.’

1 Thessalonians 2:18 NIV

Paul writes, ‘We wanted to come to you…but Satan blocked our way.’ When we have an assignment from God, Satan will repeatedly attack us and try to stop us from fulfilling it. Here are three things about Satan’s attacks: 1) His attacks reveal that he believes we’re capable of accomplishing our goal. If he didn’t think we'd achieve things for God, he wouldn't try and stop us. It shows that we're strong and full of faith. If we fall down, he wants to keep us down because he knows if we rise again, we’ll be stronger and more effective than ever. 2) He always attacks the start of something significant in our lives. The enemy tried to stop Jesus just before He started His ministry. He tempted Him in the wilderness (you can read about it in Matthew 4). We might feel more of an attack when we’re just about to get started on something we’re passionate about, or just before God gives us the next thing He wants us to do. 3) He uses those closest to us to reach our hearts. He can work through others to cause us to doubt ourselves and our calling. Other people can make us feel insecure about who we are, and what we can achieve. We should never forget that our attitude is more important than the attacks we’re experiencing. Attacks pass, but our attitude, if bitter or demoralised, can cause bitterness to be rooted in our lives (have a read of Hebrews 12:15). Our influence in God’s kingdom determines the level of attack the enemy launches against us. So if we’re facing a big attack, let’s not be discouraged but instead be encouraged that we’re making a big difference in the kingdom.  What Now? If you’re feeling attacked right now, ask God to give you the strength you need so that you can keep working for His kingdom.



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