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Mission in our parish

Our local mission as a church is supported directly by church family members who are involved in our church ministries at HTCD & STACC with Children, Youth, Students, Family and Seniors. In addition we support Meals Ministry, Mulberry Park & Hospital Ministry. 

We have regular outreach events at St Andrews  

  • Foxhill Focus lunch club on Wednesdays 

  • St Andrew Toddlers on Tuesdays also with lunch 

  • Foxhill Youth Group on Thursdays

Mission in our workplace

If you are at work, school or attend university this is your front line for ministry! You may be the only contact your colleagues have Christianity. HTCD can assist you in evolving your ministry, such as:

  • praying with and for your colleagues work, meeting with the other Believers at work, running occasional outreach events such as a Christmas carol service for your organisation

  • For support and ideas, please email Tim Lewis 

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