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Thankful Thursdays Back on Ark...ive!

Hello - it has been a bumpy couple of weeks as covid came to stay at my house! Last week you managed to meet with me on the TV with this episode from the archive of the planned story - of Noah.

To join in at home you need something that makes a building noise like 2 wooden blocks and your instrument.

And here is last weeks Thankful thought:

Thankful Thought: Noah part 1 Genesis 6 v9 & 7

During lockdown when rainbows were in windows and I was busy filming in the garden because traffic was so quiet I could—I became slightly obsessed with the story of Noah and trying to work out how long Noah was on the arc in the vague hope that perhaps that was how long we would be in lockdown. At first I thought it was just 40 days—but no that is how long it rained—actually he was on the arc for a lot longer than that—see if you can work out how long.

That is what I want us to think about this week. Noah trusted God not only enough to build the boat but to stay on it for a long time unsure of the outcome. The pandemic has felt like that hasn’t it we have had to keep trusting God and we are not yet sure that the arc has landed and we are safe.

Have you discovered extra trust in God during this time?

What do you turn to when you are trapped in a situation that is out of your control? What about when supplies you rely on run low—like the recent fuel shortage. There is no doubt that covid has changed our world and that to survive the changes we have all needed to build our own arcs. How have you built yours? Who is invited in? What has keep you going in the waiting? What will be your sign that the boat has now landed safely and you can get out?

Noah is described as a person who pleased God 6 v8) and as someone who did everything that the Lord commanded (7 v 5)

Spend some time this week listening out for God’s commands and asking what can I do this week to please God? Rather than focusing on pleasing yourself and following only the commands of the world.

Blessings Claire xxx

Sadly I am still stuck in for this weeks Thankful and others are away or also poorly - so we have had to cancel meeting. We will be back on Thursday 4th Nov - after half-term holidays.

Here is Noah Part-2 from the archive - enjoy the end of the story at home - maybe meet up with another family from Thankful and watch it together.

Thankful Thought - for Part 2. Genesis 8 - 9 v17

The end of this story is very familiar and crowned with a beautiful symbol of God's love to us.

Look out for rainbows all the time. God is never far away. Follow Noah's example and make your first step at a fresh start to be a time of thankful worship to God. Noah's act is described as "a pleasing aroma to the Lord!" 8 v 21.

Part of God's covenant to Noah is that he may now eat meat but there is gory detail about not eating meat with it's blood still in it . 9 v 4. We live under a new covenant with God brought for us by the precious blood of his son Jesus and our reminder of that covenant should be to give thanks whenever we break bread or drink wine.

My challenge to you this week - start each day with thanksgiving and remember all that you have in Jesus by praying whenever you eat. You will be suddenly so much more aware of God's presence and his love for you.

Blessings Claire xxxx

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