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Creation Care 

What is an Eco Church?


Any church that reflects the biblical picture of what a church should be is an Eco Church.’ Jo Swinney

Such a church congregation understands its redeemed relationship is with God, with one another and with the earth itself (Romans 8:18-22), and it cares for creation as both an act of worship and a sign of hope to the world.


In caring for creation, the church also fulfils its calling to love our neighbour, especially the poor who are the first to suffer from the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Listen here to learn more about the biblical teachings



Set up by the Christian conservation charity, A Rocha UK, Eco Church helps congregations assess their relationship with God’s creation and take action in the areas of:


  •   Worship

  •   Lifestyle

  •   Land

  •   Buildings

  •   Community engagement



Bronze, silver and gold awards are allocated according to a series of questions and actions.


Holy Trinity has achieved a Bronze Award and is working towards a Silver Award.


St Andrews is working towards a Bronze Award.


The Eco Church programme 

Bee on Crocus David Le Tall_edited.jpg

Crocus: David Le Tall

Bluebells DAvid Le Tall_edited.jpg

Bluebell: David Le Tall

Fungus - Sue Monk_edited.jpg

Fungus: Sue Monk

Marbled White Butterby on knapweed David Le Tall_edited.jpg

Marbled White Butterfly on Knapweed:

David Le Tall

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