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  • Claire Morrish

The Rich Farmer

Here is the second in our series on stories Jesus told. This is the story of the Rich farmer and can be found in Luke chapter 12 verse 16-21. To join in you need a musical instrument and a snack pot of something like cheerio's to join in with the prayers. I am missing you all very much but it is also good to know we have had new people from far and near joining us in this season. Welcome all - don't forget the thankful thought below - hope it speaks to all the grown-ups. Love Claire xx

Thankful Thought 23rd April 2020 : Luke 12 verse 13-31

This story is in answer to a question about how to divide an inheritance and Jesus uses it to highlight the dangers of greed which separate us so easily from God and lead only to death. Interestingly in Luke’s gospel the story comes just before the teaching not to worry about food and clothes. These verses shout into our very time: “All the people in the world are trying to get these things. Your father knows that you need them. The thing you should seek is God’s kingdom. Then all the other things you need will be given to you as well” Luke 12 v 30 & 31.

So how have you been doing at not worrying about food in this season? Have you been tempted to panic buy and stock your freezer? Have you put as much effort into seeking God’s kingdom as to sourcing toilet rolls?

When we are up against it - we discover where our real security is found.

In this season I have felt quite rich – I have a lovely house with a garden, a loving husband and 3 healthy sons. Our income is not yet affected by the virus so in many ways I feel extremely blessed not unlike the Rich farmer. I noticed that being rich itself was not criticised by Jesus but our attitude to our riches that we must be careful with. How in this season can we be sure we are being rich towards God? How are we sharing what he has given us?

The first thing we must give every day to God is our thanks– for his provision and his love displayed to us in Jesus Christ his son. Then we must consider how to love our neighbours in the same way Jesus has loved us. Quite a sacrificial challenge.

Praying that you all have more than just Thankful Thursdays but can find something to be thankful for every day and that as you seek his Kingdom he will bless you with all you need at this time.

Love & Prayers Claire xxxx


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