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Thankful Thursday goes Global!

This week Thankful Thursday was going on tour to our benefice church St James the Great South stoke but due to unforeseen circumstances we have instead had to go global. So here is a link to this weeks Thankful Thursday.

And here for the grown-ups is this weeks Thankful Thought. 19th March 2020

Jesus enters Jerusalem: Mark 11 v1-10

This thought is largely the same as last years for this story but as I read it I thought it was extremely apt for this season. We all need to shout Hosanna - Save us! and we all need to be ready to lend things on behalf of Jesus

In this famous Palm Sunday account of Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem we see another part of God's rescue plan unfolding. Firstly there is the mysterious instructions to the disciples to go and "borrow" a donkey. This shows God knows all things and provides for all things. I can't help thinking that the disciples must have felt a little like they were being asked to steal a car for their master!

The crowd greet Jesus as they would a King, lining his path with their coats and branches and shouting Hosanna - which translates as "Save we Pray"- It was used as an exclamation of adoration and praise to God by Jews. They clearly recognised Jesus as King and Godly even though his transport was so humble.

My challenge to all of us is this: Shout out to God - Hosanna - Save us we pray. Who do you long to see him save? and from what do you long to be saved?

If you had been there on that amazing day what would you have been willing to lay down for Jesus to use as his path? What would you be willing to lend to his disciples to see God's rescue plan for the world unfold?

I pray for us all to know our King Jesus rules and that he is close and to have courage to be willing to be part of his plan for rescuing the world.

Love and Prayer Claire xxx

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