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  • Claire Morrish

Thankful Thursday (0-4yrs) Lights on!

Here is our last Thankful of this term on the theme of Jesus Light of the world. You will need an instrument and a source of light to join in. Thankful will be back on 5th November after a half-term break but from viewing figures you all seem to be running a week behind anyway so it will give you a week to catch-up! See this week's thankful thought below the video for grown-ups. We are looking at a co-vid safe small scale return to meeting in this space. Love Claire xx

Thankful Thought : Thursday 22nd Oct 2020 : Jesus light of the world.

As the clocks change and the darker nights arrive we have the light of the colourful leaves on the trees as a last seasonal hurrah! Thankfully I think co-vid will dampen the Halloween celebrations this year and before we know it we will be putting up the Christmas lights and celebrating once again Jesus light of the world.

This year there seems to be extra shadows of darkness swirling around us as the co-vid numbers rise again and the economy crashes from our forced inactivity.

My son is really into Harry Potter and has this quote on his bedroom wall ““Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Dumbledore

This made me think - How can we turn on the light of the world this winter season? If we do we will get more than the happiness that Dumbledore says – we will find deep joy that comes from knowing we are loved and accepted by God. That joy fills us up so we are able to sparkle like stars as Paul puts it in Philippians (shine among them like stars in the sky Phil 2 :15) and be light in the world just as Jesus called us to be (Matt 5)

It is tough at the moment - I have to say I can recommend putting on a sparkly top – why not get dressed up for your online church this week or your quiet time? Why not worship with dance in your kitchen or light a candle when you say grace before a meal and invite the Light of the world to be at your table?, Call on the Holy Spirit to light your path and to put the sparkle back into your step whenever you leave the house.

Jesus declared himself the light of the world as he healed a blindman. He instructed us to be light in his sermon on the mount (see Matt 5) just after his famous list of those who are to be blessed – those who are poor in spirit, who mourn, those who hunger for justice – the persecuted. Jesus understood darkness and what it is like to live in darkness and that is why he brought us a new light – a new way to live in the darkness. Sometimes it has to be quite dark for you to really notice the beauty of the light. Don’t miss the beautiful light of Jesus this autumn.

Love & Prayers Claire xx


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