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SOS: Supporting Our Seniors

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with me to offer support to the Seniors in our church family and beyond.

Many older people are very familiar with the ‘world wide web’ but there are many who do not have an internet connection which means they are excluded from ways of communicating and connection which others often take for granted.

Whilst the supermarkets are working to help everyone have enough food to sustain their body we have to work to help everyone have enough food to sustain their soul, particularly at this difficult time

I am currently planning a way for those Seniors who are not online to receive ongoing spiritual support but in the meantime the number one thing that we can do is to keep in touch with them; to remind them that they are still part of our church family; loved, included and not forgotten.

At least a dozen of our church families with young children have already been partnered with a Senior to establish an encouraging relationship via phone and the sending of cards and drawings. If you would like to be partnered with a Senior for such a reason please let me know. You don’t have to send a painting for them to put on their fridge but I’m sure they would love it if you did!

I will soon be posting on the Seniors Blog on the website so perhaps you could print a post off from there to give to any older person you know who wouldn’t be able to see it online.

And don’t forget; the encouragement and blessing isn’t just one way. I’ve just had a wonderful phone call with Enid and we were laughing out loud at something she said and she ended by reminding me to pray for the current situation. Older people are a blessing to everyone and we mustn’t think of them as only ‘receivers’ at this time

If you are in contact with an older person by phone I can send you an article giving you guidance on what helpful things to say on the phone when someone is self-isolating

Thank you again


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