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  • Claire Morrish

Peter's & Ruth's Crew by Post (4-11yrs)

Dear Peter & Ruth's Crews - this week I have managed to print the Kids club by Post magazines and with some help from Tanya and the royal mail have delivered them to all of you that have registered and those we had addresses for from pre-covid. It was lovely last Sunday to see 4 of you at Muddy Church and I am looking forward to see 9 of you this week. This is the second week for Kids Club by post to look at the Lord's Prayer part 1 - see video below - (a repost of last weeks video). It is also the second week of Muddy Church on the theme of "treasure in pots of clay" . So next week restrictions still allowing we will be all change with a new Muddy session and a second video to accompany the Kids by post magazine. If you haven't received the magazine a PDF copy is here to download.

If you haven't yet registered your children - please do via the registration page of the groups drop down menu and then we can get things posted to you. Please let me know what you think of the magazines. I realise Muddy Church and face to face meeting is not what everyone if ready for at the moment and I am also looking into trialing some zoom sessions for Peter's Crew - tricky to know when to time this - do share your thoughts. Blessings Claire xx


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