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  • Claire Morrish

Peter's Crew (7-11yrs) Teatime Zoom 4pm

Hoping we have woken to the prayed for joy that is a snow day!

So for today only I have moved Breakfast Church to tea-time church so you can get the most out of playing in the snow in day-light and we can have our zoom church with a hot choc at 4pm.

I have emailed a new link - and details of what you need to create our edible snack of the story.

This week we are looking at "The 9 Plagues" from Exodos 4 to 10 and there is lots to do in the Kids Club by Post which is here to download if you didn't get it in the post. To join in with our Plague Breakfast you will need some toast/a pancake/crumpet, something red to spread (Jam or Ketchup) and 7 other food items to represent the plagues (e.g fruit, raisins, breakfast cereal, sweets) If you are registered then your parents should have received an email with the zoom link. Hope you see you all at 4pm on Sunday. Blessings Claire x


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