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Food bank donations!

Our Harvest of Hope services are next Sunday, 25th October. Join us as a church family for our all-age service as we celebrate Harvest 2020!

As part of the Harvest season, if you would like to donate to Bath Foodbank or support Foxhill, there are a number of ways that you can do this:

1. Bring along a food parcel to one of our live services at HTCD and STACC on 25th October, or drop off your food parcel to STACC on Monday - Thursday between 9.30am-12.30pm (food parcels will be donated by STACC to the local area in Foxhill)

2. Purchase some food items and place them in the donation point at your local supermarket (food items will be donated to Bath Foodbank)

3. Donate financially online to the Bath Foodbank, by clicking here

For suggestions on items to donate to the Bath foodbank, please see the list below:

- Breakfast cereals

- Soup

- Pasta or rice

- Pasta sauce

- Tinned beans

- Tinned meat and fish - Tinned tomatoes and vegetables

- Tinned fruit - Vegetarian items (e.g. tinned vegetable chilli or vegetable bolognese) - Tea bags or coffee - UHT milk - Biscuits and snacks

You can also donate to STACC's store cupboard using the list above to help us enhance the Foxhill Focus deliveries and build resources for emergency food parcels. You can also get creative by donating the following items to STACC (please note that we don't need any household items or toiletries right now): 

- Gravy granules

- Ketchup

- Cooking oil

- Noodles

- Sponge puddings

- Rice pudding

- Cereal bars

- Crisps

- Sugar

- Squash

- Fruit juice

We really appreciate all the ways that people are supporting our local community this Harvest season!


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