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Covid-19 Guidance

The benefice will be following government advice as it emerges.

Gatherings such as church services are currently running as normal, but to reduce the spread of infections we are advised to wash our hands frequently and certainly on arrival.

Washing facilities are available as usual but hand sanitiser units have been added near the main entrance of Holy Trinity and St Andrews. The units are automatic, just hold your hands under the nozzle until the foam is dispensed and thoroughly rub over every part of your hands.

We will continue to make Sunday services available via a podcast and study questions. Church news will be available on our website via the weekly Notice sheet and the Blog.

If large numbers of people are unable to attend we are looking into uploading videos of the sermon on the website.

If you have travelled abroad, we ask that you comply with government guidelines.

If you are unable to come to church because you are following this advice or because you are ill please do let church friends know so that they keep in touch and help where necessary. Alternatively, contact our Families Minister:

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06 Ιαν 2021

This article gives us the information about the safety precautionary measures from this deadly COVID-19. Everyone must have to cover their face to save themselves and humanity. I recommend you to must visit this website for much more information related to us.

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