Missions Survey 2022

brought to you by

UK Missions Team Leader

Sue Budd


International Missions Team Leader

William Challis 

Why a Survey?

As a church, we support, with money, gifts and prayer, 8 missions in the UK, 8 worldwide, and 'gap' year students exploring Christian careers. Every three years we review that giving as some missions come to an end and others begin. At this time we will continue to support: - 

Bath Youth For Christ

The Life Project in Bath

The Anchor Project Bradford 

Tanzania: Neema Crafts.

Kenya: Turning Point Trust

Kenya: Mission Partners: Tim and Christian

OMF: Mission Partners: Gerard and Sarah

Albania: Mission Partners: Paul and Albana

We are looking to add new projects to these existing mission partners. Together we have looked for projects to recommend to you - the list below will give you more details about the projects. Once you have made up your mind please use this link to vote for up to 5 projects ranked 1 to 5 in order of preference.  

Paper copies of the survey will be available at St Andrews and Holy Trinity if you prefer.