Our Vision


We are a Word and Spirit church.  Through clear Bible teaching, worship and ministry led by the Holy Spirit, we want to grow in faith and become more like Jesus.  We believe Jesus is the Hope of the World and our desire is to bring others to know Him too.

We seek to serve God in our community and especially among our neighbours, friends and in the workplace.  We are committed to the whole family of God and, at this season, are investing in families and growing young leaders who can introduce the next generation to Him.

Gracious God, Generous Church

Generosity is in the heart of God. Generosity is what comes from the heart of God. God is gracious; he gives freely and expansively, extravagantly and with unlimited outpouring.  Our response therefore has to be GENEROSITY – an expansive, free, extravagant, unlimited response to the love and work and grace of God. Gracious God, generous Church.

You can give without love, but you can’t love without giving. (Rev. Rick Warren)
Ministry, money, worship, love….we are called to be generous with it all, to give it away – because God can’t give us more till we have made space.  LIKE A TEAPOT!!! – when you’re full, you’re full. God will only fill and re-fill you when you start to pour out.


I see a church that is

  • focussed on our Gracious God and wanting daily/weekly/every year to become more like Him
  • fully resourced because we look to God (and totally trust Him) for those resources
  • giving more and living on less
  • praying and trusting more and fearing less
  • alive and exporting that life, sharing the fire of his love: a generous church that seeks to bless other churches, outreach ministries and individuals
  • constantly being poured out and thus constantly being re-filled

I see a church in which there are no short measures, no “making do” but only the best is offered.  I hope for a year of growth: numerically, financially, and in maturity – a year of answered prayer because we are truly looking to God and trusting him and so a year of breakthrough, a year of healing’s, of miracles where we can only explain it by saying “Our Gracious God did that!”

I see a year when

  • people will hear and respond to the call of God on their lives; will go to serve him overseas, will go into full-time ordained ministry, will take radical risks with their job, their home, their future….. who knows what?
  • when the church rises to meet the challenges of serving the community we live in, and where we are less concerned about simply meeting our own needs

I see a year full of promise and possibility because we serve a Gracious God and He has made us a Generous Church.

Here is the youtube Video featuring Rev. Rick Warren who is quoted above