The work of the church is to disciple our own members and reach out to those beyond.


Jesus gave his disciples a task which defines what we call missions today. He said,

“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”   Acts 1:8

For the disciples ‘Jerusalem’ was their local patch, the equivalent of our parish or our workplaces for us.  ‘Judea’ and ‘Samaria’ were culturally distinct groups living side by side in the disciples’ homeland, for us our city of Bath and our nation and of course ‘To the ends of the Earth’ – the rest of the world – is our international mission.


HTCD’s local mission, the “in Jerusalem”, is supported directly (often through small groups) as church family members here get involved in;

  • Children’s work
  • Youth work
  • Families ministry
  • Seniors ministry
  • Meals ministry
  • Foxhill ministries
    • St Andrew’s church
    • Seniors’
    • Families
    • Youth and children
  • Mulberry Park
  • Student & Emerging Generation Ministries
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Share the Fire supporting local churches

HTCD outreach events in our parish:

  • At St. Andrews, the Foxhill Ministry offers donation only lunches to locals at Foxhill Focus, a drop-in café on Friday mornings, weekly and fortnightly toddler groups, a youth group, and seniors activities.
  • HTCD supports Family Matters a parish and city-wide initiative supporting vulnerable families
  • A new team is developing a welcome strategy for residents arriving on the new Mulberry Park estate.

The church leadership provides pastoral care and takes support decisions where appropriate.


For those at work and at university this your front line for ministry – you may be the only contact your colleagues have with the Christian faith.  HTCD will help you in evolving your ministry, which could be:

  • praying with and for your ‘neighbours’ at work,
  • meeting with the other Believers at work,
  • running occasional outreach events such as a Christmas carol service for your organisation.

For support and ideas contact: richard@meryon.net


HTCD also reaches out to our city of Bath and across the UK – the “Judea and Samaria”, together with our linked partners and organisations. The UK Mission Team (UKMT) has a role in looking after these ministries.



If you sense a call to serve on the UKMT then please contact us through the church office.


Support for overseas and cross-cultural mission – “to the ends of the earth” is coordinated by the International Mission Team (IMT).  The team look after our International Mission Partners, administer our links with our partner organisations, look at applications for short term mission trips and run Onesimus. The IMT will look at any suggestions for new projects and partners – those with strong links to the church family are most likely to be successful in receiving support. Each autumn we also review those whom the church already supports during our ‘Mission Weekend’ – a weekend of fund-raising events, preaching and consciousness-raising.

We support long-term Partners working in:

  • ALBANIA – Supporting local church work.
  • KENYA –The Turning Point Trust. This Christian charity helps to educate, council and disciple impoverished and vulnerable children and their parents in the Kibera Slum, Nairobi.
  • TANZANIA – Neema CraftsThis Christian charity helps train, employ and empower people with disabilities in Iringa.  Directors Ben and Katy speak about their work
  • TANZANIA – Supporting an individual who works with children who have physical and learning disabilities.
  • UGANDA – Where David and Heather Sharland support the rural, poor, vulnerable and marginalised. David and Heather’s story
  • HTCD is a mission partner with CMS mission see www.cms-uk.org

Short-term mission trips

If you are interested in a short-term mission (from a week to 2 years –  including gap year and summer vacation trips) please contact the church office to connect to the IMT as grants may be available.

Called to mission?    Try “Onesimus”

Onesimus is the IMT mentoring scheme for anyone considering mission work abroad.    If you feel a call to International Mission, whether it be a ‘short-term’ trip or more of a ‘long-term’ vocation, please contact us at the earliest opportunity for support, prayer and practical advice. We would love to help you find God’s will for you in mission.

To contact the IMT about any of the above or to volunteer for the team please contact us through the church office on office@htcd.church.

We also support a range of UK and International mission partners in prayer. A prayer diary is produced 4 times a year and is available at the back of church or from the church office. It contains news on all our partners and key prayer points. 


The International Mission Team holds bi-monthly prayer meetings. These usually take place on a weekday evening from 7:30pm-9pm. Dates and locations for these meetings are in HTCD’s weekly notice sheet for two weeks prior to the meeting. We warmly welcome anyone who has a heart to keep fueling the valuable work of Christ all over the world!

Mission Policy