Witness to Samaria and to the ends of the Earth (WiSE Ministries)

A mission is essentially a special task. Jesus gave his disciples a special task which defines what we call missions today. He said, You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8), and there are equivalent mission fields for us today. Jerusalem is where we are and every Christian should be involved with witness here. Judea and Samaria were culturally distinct groups living side by side in the disciples homeland. So for us, this would be those who would see themselves drawing on a Christian heritage and those who would not, throughout the rest of the UK. To the ends of the Earth is the regions beyond, the rest of the world.

Mission within Jerusalem and Judea is supported directly (often through small groups) as church family members here get involved. There are also some key organisations which have links with HTCD. The church leadership provides pastoral care and takes support decisions where appropriate.

Support for overseas and cross-cultural mission is coordinated by the Witness in Samaria and to the ends of the Earth (WiSE) Team, who seek to look after our Mission Partners and administer our links with our partner organisations. They also produce a prayer diary and run World Prayer Meetings.

If you feel a call to the latter type of ministry, please contact the WISE Team at the earliest opportunity for support, prayer and practical advice. We would love to help you find God’s will for you in mission. Grants are also available for short-term work. Contact  the Holy Trinity Church Office on office@htcd.church if you would like further information. Please click below to view our mission policy.

Mission Policy

Organisational Links

The WiSE Team also administers our links with the following organisations:

Bible Society. We currently support bible translation and distribution in South East Asia. www.biblesociety.org.uk

E3 Initiative (Formerly Engage HIV and Entrust Foundation). We support the BUILD programme in Uganda. www.e3initiative.org

Send A Cow ask primarily for prayer support in their training and support ministries for African subsistence farmers. We are able to give occasional financial support. www.sendacow.org.uk

Jerusalem Ministries


Outreach activities run by HTCD:

  • Children’s work
  • Youth work
  • Families ministry
  • Seniors ministry
  • Meals ministry in the parish
  • Foxhill ministries
  • Student & Emerging Generation Ministries
  • Foxhill Community
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Share the Fire supporting local churches
Other local mission supported by HTCD:

  • The Alpha Course
  • Bath Youth For Christ
  • Healing on the Streets
  • Genesis Trust
  • The Filling Station Trust
  • World Sport Ministries
  • Love Bath
  • Genesis & Street Pastors


Judea Ministries

UK outreach supported by htcd: The Church Leadership are:

CAP (Christians Against Poverty)
UNSEEN (anti-trafficking)


Short-termers (anyone going from a week to 2 years) This includes Gap Year students and summer vacation trips. If you are interested in doing this please email mission@htcd.church

Samaria and to the ends of the Earth ministries

We have long-term Partners working in:

  • Eastern Europe with Open Air Campaigners working in evangelism and discipling
  • CMJ working in the UK and Israel www.cmj.org.uk
  • At Neema Crafts, Tanzania, with CMS www.neemacrafts.com
  • Uganda with CMS involved with agricultural and health training www.cms-uk.org
  • Kinuman, the Phillipines working in church planting and discipling

Prayer Diary

A prayer diary is produced 3 times a year and is available in church or from the church office. As well as news on all our partners, it also has key dates for the term.