MEN'S Ministry

Men’s Ministry  

Hebrews 10 & Ephesians 4 – Spur one another on…not give up meeting together….. encourage one another…. we need each other to ‘attain to the full measure’ of what God has for us.

Thursday Night Men’s Group – Meeting in the Wordsworth Chapel at Holy Trinity from 7-10pm.  Our group for men only starts on Thursday 17th September and runs weekly until Thursday 3rd December.

Men’s Suppers – We organise approximately 3 Suppers per year held at either Holy Trinity Church, Combe Down or St Andrew’s Community Church, Combe Down. The evenings are set up to allow lots of interaction, time to chat – this works well – but we also always cover both Word and worship.

Men’s Weekend Away – We aim to organise a weekend away per year. This is a time of great teaching, contemplation, relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, getting to know other guys on a deeper level.

Activity focused events – Some people find it easier to interact and talk outside of the Church setting through activity focused events – so, we plan a few activities per year, as and when.

If you would like some more information please contact the Office