Ministry to Families aims to serve and equip families to enable them to enjoy life together and to be resourced and released to reach out, both spiritually and practically, to their neighbours and friends so becoming a beacon of God’s love.

In addition we offer the following:

  • Family Outreach events
  • Respite treats
  • Toddler Group support
  • Regular practical family support
  • Pastoral family visits
  • Parenting courses
  • Prayer support
  • Families Support Scheme
  • Families Fellowship Group (see below)

We all want family life to be fun but there are times when home life is difficult. When we are ill or when you’ve got a new baby, when your children are being difficult or maybe you’re finding it hard to cope with life in general.

These and other problems happen to absolutely EVERYONE who has a family no matter what their financial situation. So we are here to help.

Volunteers from Holy Trinity church (who are trained and DBS checked) will come and help you out with your difficulties once a week for a certain period. We work in a similar way to ‘Home-Start’ and the council ‘Family Support Workers’.

Please get in touch with us and we can get together and sort out a practical support for you and your family to bring the fun back into your family life.

Please contact our Families Minister or on 01225 835835

and if this area of service would fit your skills there is often a need to new team members